May 20, 2006

banksy made me look twice:


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mo' pretty, 'mo problems

I guess sometimes I like to write gossip, but can take time off.
I can not, however, stop reading the shit. I've always been hooked, voracious in my appetite for celeb goss in magazines, watching entertainment TV when it was only Video Hits and Entertainment Tonight. There's been more gossip then ever lately, and I know I don't need to add to it, (but I will anyway). Blogger isn't the easiest to use, and I get a quick fix at Snarkfest Check it out if you like chatting about fame culture, it seems like everyone on there is mostly sane (I'm Tea,'cause they wouldn't let me use T. Grr).

Jessica Simpson is single again, and I guess her God is a little more murky about sex between marriages then he is about sex before marriage.
Lindsay has not disappointed me, and I want to honour her.
Download Lindsay's Rumours here, then leave her alone. she can go through rehab at 30 like everyone else in LA.

good come-down song, dedicated to La Linds: City and Colour's Save your Scissors

No reason for these pics of Alicia Keys or Jennifer Lopez, I just liked them.

Snarkywood calls out Chloe Sevigny ('bout time)

Martha: You know, on Halloween one year in New York, my friends and I went out to dinner at this little Italian restaurant in the Village. Our waiter was wearing these cat's eye contact lenses that were really freaky and fabulous. Until it turned out that he couldn't actually see out of them and he "refilled" our wine by pouring it into our still-halfway-filled water glasses. Bastard. And this is why you should never trust a fake feline. Meow.
Jen: The tights are fine. I'm squicked out by her two left feet.
Amy: JEN'S RIGHT! OH MY GOD! Hold me.

I'm hoping squicked makes it to the dictionary, the best made-up word I've heard in a while.

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March 31, 2006

pause to reflect

I haven't contributed in a while.
I've realized that the blog world does not need another celebrity website.
I have no idea why it took me so long to figure that out, and as much as I love reading celeb websites, I don't think mine is any different and there is already too much redundancy on the internet.
I'm not sure I want to add to it in such a saturated field. If you need good reading, here's cityrag. excellent stuff

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March 13, 2006

Too Sick to Quote Sources

The flu is hell. Weird dreams, man.

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March 07, 2006

Night of a Thousand Scars

That's Vivica Fox on the left and Britney on the right, choosing low cut tops for some reason.
from IDontLikeYouInThatWay & Perez

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March 04, 2006

My Girl in the News

I'm glad Lindsay Lohan likes the spotlight.
Exposure is this chick's mandate, as is diversion. What do I mean?
This was the pic that everyone saw of Linds. She looks good. Nice natural slope of the breast, that cat eye thing that she overdoes; anyway, you've already seen it.
Deep down, she's laughing. By flashing a little skin, she has diverted our attention to her
cold sores, fly-away lashes, irritated nostrils and the beginning of what could be menopausal facial hair. Poor Linds, but does she look worried?
No, because she knows everyone will be looking for her areola. She is a magician!

She knows if there are mysterious items in the picture, we might overlook the larger sin, like her past penchant for furry vests.

If I was Linds, I think my favorite leaked pic would be this one; she definitely is most sexy when she's not trying so hard.

My musical interludes are 80's and 90's advice for young Lindsay, who I think is going through all this shit at the right age unlike her mother.
Luba - Let It Go
George Micheal - Papa was a Rolling Stone [Killer]

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February 27, 2006

Stupid Spoiled Whore to play Saint

This news actually made me feel ill.
I have a great respect for Mother Theresa, and my only wish is that she was still alive to stop this madness.

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February 24, 2006


I have a snarky good time finding celebs at their worst. I'll ease you in with some beautiful ugliness:
Love the lipstick Jenny...
Sometimes I see in a fashion magazine they're still trying to push that 'white eyeliner on the inside rims make your eyes bigger'. Yeah, but it looks weird, and not worth it.
I have no idea who this guy is, but I think he makes the best icons. Check out his retro Brad further down...
And best for last, here's Kiki doing her best Sofia Patrillo impression.

I promise When I subject you to such nastiness I'll try to balance it out too, so here's some titties (ads NSFW).

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February 22, 2006

I Love LL for His Mind

Rapper Ll Cool J is urging his peers to stop degrading women in their music videos, because he fears they are setting a bad example to the younger generation.
The rap star, whose latest video Control Myself features a scantily-clad Jennifer Lopez, insists women can look sexy and classy in bikinis - but shouldn't be portrayed as prostitutes and strippers.
He says, "I think that there's more room in the videos for women to be portrayed in a better way, like, classy. I don't mean that they can't be beautiful, can't wear swimsuits, can't wear bikinis.
"I don't think that every woman has to be a stripper in every video.
"When you have three daughters and you're sitting there watching the video channel and every girl that's on there is like a stripper... I don't think that we have to tell them that this is all there is for you to do in order for you to make it."
You hear that Lindsay? You do have other options!

uh that's not Lindsay... never mind.

Halles purse kind of reminds me of mine, only hers is crock Versace and mine is Patent Balenciaga *cough*!
Cute top too.

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February 20, 2006

TV Love 1

I swear OH NO THEY DIDN'T! has the best lurking.
Look at what you can find there:
The Kids Incorporated intro and homepage.

Holy memories flooding back!

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I Love a Good Picture

from The New York Times Magazine
More beautiful pictures at D-Listed.

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February 18, 2006

I Don't Understand it Either

For some reason this gave me the giggles! What is going on? Why are they all trapped there?
Are those pants legal?
Musical interlude: Someday (I Will Understand)
If you have to have them, you can find the retailer here. Then please write me and tell me why.
Found at
Gorilla Mask.

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In Honour of Marvin

I am falling in love with our new adoption, Marvelous Marvin.

He's adjusting well and already giving us orders.

Buddy & Biggs, on the other hand, were less then thrilled.

In honour of his arrival, here's kitty pride from Rich at fourfour, featuring his fuzzies Winston & Rudy. I love their adventures!

When the weather gets insanely cold (-17. inhuman) like it has lately, I love to listen to some Donna Summer.

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February 16, 2006


I'm pretty sure this is the best thing I've ever seen.
Please visit
D Listed to see Oprah unleash her rage on yet another fraud.

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No Reason For These Pics...

...and I can't remember where I got them.
Sue me!

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February 15, 2006

The Princesses

There seem to be more & more before pics circulating the internet lately...
Look at Angelina's old nose.
It was interestingly close to Jennifer's snoz!

from leenks and SuperiorPics

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February 14, 2006

Instead of Breaking Up I Wish That We Were Making Up Again

Is any one out there into astrology? I'm wondering if we're going through some kind of destructive lunar dealeo. Some people close to me are going through some break-ups and it feels like an epidemic.
Since Valentine's Day is supposed to be a happy time, I'll use examples of people I don't necessarily like.
TMZ is reporting that Cameron Diaz is afraid she might lose her boy toy, Justin Timberlake. On the set of Black Snake Moan, several people noticed Timberlake and co-star Christina Ricci "bonding" in a big way. Ricci allegedly hung out with Justin's mom, Lynn. The two were spotted shopping and cooking meals together. Ricci has told friends that she has more in common with Justin than Cameron does.
Well of course Cameron is worried. Justin Timberlake is 25 and looks like he was carved out of marble. Cameron Diaz is 33 and looks like she lives under a bridge and eats children. She's also an idiot. On the other hand, Christina Ricci is 26 and insanely cute. And next to Winona Ryder, she has the most underappreciated rack in Hollywood. You don't need a penis to see where this one is going.

from i dont like you in that way
Tom & Katie are not immune to the lunar wet blanket (or maybe Cruise couldn't handle his lawyer-dad-in-law-to-be's prenup). I mentioned a while ago that I am a full believer of he who shall not be named, weirder then most fear is actually not the Dad, but it's nice that he wants her to raise the spawn in his neighborhood on his dime, not creepy at all.
Hollywood Rag

Sometimes you think that a break-up would be a good idea, but things have a way of getting much worse before they get better.
Can't we all just get along?

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February 10, 2006

Goddamn Funny Bunny!

I haven't laughed so hard in so long.

Herman could be 'biggest bunny'
The mighty bunny weighs a massive 7.7kg, and his ears are a lengthy 21cm - almost as long as most pet rabbits are tall. And he is almost 1m tall.

If that didn't tickle you, from
go fug yourself, so good lately:
Oh. My. God. Y'all.

I just realized I meant to wear pants with this dress! Can you tell? Do I look crazy? I don't look too crazy, do I? When I left the house this morning my mother said something about a lampshade in a whorehouse or some such but all she does is mutter about stuff all day long anyway so I didn't know if she was talking about me or about an actual lampshade she wanted to buy from a whorehouse but the point is that I am a little worried about sitting down because this skirt is really short.
But ANYWAY, it's awfully nice to get out of that house because I swear to God all I do in that house is yell about things, like where is Kevin's wallet, and no he can't take my purse with him, and what happened to the money I gave him yesterday, and no he can't bring the baby with him to the 7-11 because what if he accidentally gives the baby a Slurpee because that might give the baby diabetes, and no I am not IMing Justin and even if I was he can't read what I said because he's functionally illegitimate anyway, or whatever that word is for not really being able to read. So it's nice to be out and about and I think Kevin does clean up real nice even if I secretly think he's turning out to be a total liability, which is what my manager called him this morning. And right after she said that she said that she didn't understand where this all came from anyway, and I told her that maybe she should have listened to me when I told her that I was so Lucky, I was a Star, but that I cried, cried, cried in my lonely heart and if there was nothing missing in my life, then why did my tears come at night, and she said she had no idea what I was talking about and I told her that it was a SONG I sang once and it was a big hit and then she said that she never paid that much attention and THEN I told her that she also should have listened to my song "Overprotected" which is all about how I was tired of people telling me what to do and this is why I keep saying that I don't know why everyone is so surprised I got married and had a baby because I've been trying to tell them all for YEARS that I was TIRED of not getting to EAT so THEY could make more MONEY and I SWEAR I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD IT WITH EVERYONE I SEE EVERY DAY. Except Sean, because I could just eat up his cute little baby face.
So what I'm saying is: I'm glad to be out of the house, I wish I had worn pants, and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to fire everyone even my mom.

Finally, a cute icon: from ONTD

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February 08, 2006

Black History Month

In honour of Black History Month, fourfour has retro DIY tshirt ideas four (op. ed.) you!
I gotta choose my girl. I love Whitney Houston. She was the first concert I went to, and I danced to her at my wedding. That woman knows about love. Unfortunately it's easier for her to love the pipe then Bobbi these days (not sayin' she's perfect) and I know she'll never be the woman I envisioned at that concert, but it's hard to let go.

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February 06, 2006

Plastic Fantastic

It didn't take Kim long to introduce her new husband to her plastic surgeon. Straight men look terrible with plastic surgery, and Em is no exception; he looks like Axl did when he started dabbling.
I vote he saves the money for bigger bling!
edit 22 Feb 2006: ooops I guess it wasn't botox, but good old bloat.

The other plastic I've noticed is my Visa, which cycled over the week-end and and I am on a shopping kick.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler's boots from smart.(good read):

I've bought some burgandy suede jeans and I was trying to think of footwear.

ooh and I bought these in NYC:

I can not allow myself to buy any more purple, but I like what I got.

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